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Today’s article is for owners and operators of long-term care facilities subject to Payroll Based Journal reporting. Since PBJ compliance became mandatory in July of 2016, how has it been going for you? Have you established a practical process? Are you meeting the quarterly deadlines? Are you certain that your data is accurate?

PBJ Doesn’t Need to be a Full-Time Job
There are two ways to submit PBJ reports: manual data entry and data upload from a payroll or time and attendance system. If you have tried going the manual route, you know what a hassle it is, and it will only get more time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone as your company gets larger.

PBJ Your Way
Workforce Management Suite from Accuchex takes the hassle out of PBJ compliance with a system that is quick, easy, and economical. The PBJ tools in Workforce Management Suite aren’t an afterthought; they were designed to meet the challenges of real-world SNF staffing scenarios right from the start.

Do you employ a team of direct employees, contract, and agency personnel? No problem.
Do you have staff that splits their time between patient care and admin responsibilities? We’ve got it covered.
Do you have employees that work more than one job code? No sweat.
Do you have physicians who provide both direct patient care and medical director responsibilities? Easy peasy.
Does your labor force work at multiple facilities? You are going to have to do better than that to stump us.
Do you have both SNF/NF and non-certified beds? We can handle that in our sleep.

Workforce Management Suite PBJ Reports Include:
A complete, accurate record that distinguishes direct care workers by job code (includes agency, contractors, and certified medical personnel as defined by CMS)
Residence census data (Medicare, Medicaid, other)
Direct care staff turnover and tenure (start and term dates)
Total hours of care provided by each category of staff member per resident per day including start and end date and the hours worked per individual

Workforce Management Suite safeguards you from audits and gives rating agencies the information necessary to confirm that your facility offers a high level of care. Call today for a demo!

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