top 3 payroll mistakes

You’ve Got To Get Payroll Right
If you are a business owner, you are probably busy 24/7 and can’t always give each required task your full attention. If you get to the point where you have to put something on the back burner, make sure it’s not payroll. Workforce Management Suite has convenient, powerful tools to help you avoid these common payroll mistakes.

1. Inaccurate Time Cards
Manual timekeeping systems that necessitate staff members to log hours on a paper timesheet are prone to errors that are both deliberate and unintentional. Employees often record their authorized shift start time even when arriving late and do the opposite when leaving early. Even your most trusted staff member can have trouble accurately recalling hours when filling out a time card several days after the fact. Incorrect timecards increase costs of labor unnecessarily and burden your HR staff (which may just be you).

Workforce Management Clock tracks employee time to the minute to be certain that you only pay staff members for the time they are working. Workforce Management Suite maintains accurate audit-ready time and attendance reports that can safeguard you in case of a DOL dispute.

2. Misclassifying Employees
Employee classification affects benefits eligibility, minimum wage provisions, overtime pay eligibility, and workers’ comp eligibility. Employers who misclassify are in jeopardy of state and federal penalties and should consult the comprehensive DOL guidance on the issue.

Workforce Management Suite allows you to customize the job codes for your company to help you stay in compliance and develop efficient scheduling strategies to keep your labor outlays as low as possible.

3. Failing to Pay Payroll Taxes
Small business owners may wrongly think that failing to pay payroll taxes is akin to not paying personal income taxes. If you get in a cash pinch, DO NOT forego paying your payroll taxes as a stopgap measure.

Meeting all of your employer tax requirements is difficult without trustworthy time and attendance data for each pay period. Workforce Management Suite automatically collects, calculates, verifies, and submits the critical information to your payroll provider.

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